Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apologies and Introducing Foxy

So, my avid readers (ha ha, there's like 4 of you. I'm in need of some readers that don't already know all of this.), my apologies for not updating my blog before now. You know... College and stuff. The month of August did not make it into my blog, this year. I did have a good birthday, by the way. I even had a few people outside of facebook wish me a happy birthday! *shock face* Classes have been easier than expected, so far at least. That's a really good thing, because that gives me plenty of time for my new boyfriend.

We'll call boyfriend 'Foxy'. Because this is a 'public blog' and he might not want his real name being spread around the interwebs. (Translation: I hope to have readers I don't personally know someday and when that happens, obviously everything I post on here will be famous.) No, I didn't pick the name... I just like it.

Sadly, Foxy is not a catboy... At least, not yet. I did manage to get him into cat-ears for the duration of one minute. (He's not even a foxboy, which would be almost as cute. *pouts*) Nor is he prone to yaoi... Most boys who like girls are also not prone to yaoi. So I know all you readers out there (Yes, all 4 of you.) are wondering what I like about this boy, because the very description of my blog states that I dream of hot catboy yaoi, yet here is this boy I am dating that is neither a catboy nor prone to yaoi. But I'm going to be evil and not tell you. :3

The reason I am bringing up Foxy in my blog is just for the sake of having something to regularly post about, as blogs that post regularly tend to gain more readers than blogs that post less than once a month. (I'm sorry, August.) And who knows? Maybe Foxy would like to say something to my plethora of readers sometime, and instead of new readers coming and wondering who Foxy is, they can instead be easily directed to this post explaining who he is. You know... Because new readers might not already know all of this.

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie


  1. but, but, but... You -didn't- explore who he is/was in this blog. Details, woman! Details!

  2. Cats are so aloof and elusive. She cares not to gratify our gluttonous hunger for knowledge. She would rather covet the kibble and watch the rest of us starve. Mew? Meeeeeew? Seriously, meeew?