Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anime Nebraskon 2010

I went to Anime Nebraskon this year.  It was my second Nebraskon experience and fourth con experience.  Overall, Nebraskon was very fun and didn't disappoint.  There were many panels at all points of the day, so that there was always something of some interest, at all times.  The con staff are friendly, open, and not too strict.  Be that as it may, I do have a few complaints.

1.) The best panels were at the most inconvenient times.  Most of them occurred in the early parts of each day when people are still on their way or waking up.  Last year, yes there were fun things to do in the early morning, but the best stuff was at a time that people could be expected to be there and awake.  Not so, with a few of the panels, this year.

2.)  The yaoi panel was severly limited compared to last year.  Apparently there were complaints that the panel was too R rated last year... My response?  It's an 18+ Panel!  If you can't handle R rated things, you shouldn't be there!  And there was little more than kissing and open shirtedness last year.  How is that R rated?  It's not like there were any private parts showing.

3.)  While I understand not being allowed to take bags in to the shopping area to discourage theft, I do think this is a little ridiculous.  First of all, many costumes are not equipped with pockets and people use purses or costume related bags to carry their money in.  Carrying your money in your hand into a crowded shopping area is not only inconvenient, but it makes it easier for thieving deviants to take your money.  Second of all, with the dealer's room being so crowded and busy, it's easier for a shoplifter to just grab an item and leave with it than attempt to hide the stolen item in a bag, especially since, third of all, the people making sure you didn't go into the dealer's room with bags didn't check to make sure you had a reciept for any items you left with and weren't all that great at keeping bags out of the dealers room, anyway.

The things I complain about are mild complaints, though... And if you haven't checked out Nebraskon, I encourage you to do so.

The first day I went as Waldo, as I did at MAC 2010.  At MAC, I was the only Waldo and the idea of dressing as Waldo was neat.  Now, there are Waldos all over the place, and I don't have fun with that anymore.

The second day I went as me piratey self and was told my outfit was awesome by Richard TownsendDomi, whom I've now been with for a month and a week, borrowed some of my spare piratey pieces and also went as a pirate.  He be a great quartermaster. ^-^

The last day, I went as a generic white mage from the Final Fantasy games.  I hand sewed some of those red dags onto that robe, so I appreciated when pictures were taken of me.

Yes, that's an MAC badge. If you flipped it over, it would show the Nebraskon badge.

Sorry for not updating recently.  I am a college student and time is short.

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie