Friday, March 4, 2011

Naka Kon 2011

As always, while I had my camera along, taking pictures seems to be the one thing I always seem to forget.  So here are some of the costumes I found to be impressive...  There were many many more, but I was too caught up in having fun to pause every ten minutes to take a picture.  Please enjoy!

He was particularly good at moving like a nobody, too!

Amazing Portal gun! It even changes color depending on the portal type!  The only thing that disappointed me was, he didn't have time to make the leg braces to add to his costume.

Raptor Jesus!

He said he was getting a lot more attention than he thought he would.

I found this to be a fairly impressive costume from Halo.

Gir!!! And his little piggy friend.

I told him he was missing a tail.  He agreed.

I know a particular person or two from anime club who would appreciate this.

I was told to get pictures of Final Fantasy characters by some of my friends.

He was later seen in the Yaoi panel.  Said while some believed he had a giant sword to 'compensate', what they don't realize is that it is actually a giant yaoi panel.  He flipped the sword over to reveal the word yaoi. ^-^

This David Bowie costume was amazing, I had to get a picture.  She suggested that I take a picture with her, and there was a slightly awkward moment when I thought she was going to kiss me.  I normally wouldn't have minded, but Domi was in the restroom, and I thought he might have had a few choice words with me about waiting for him if I was going to yuri.

Considering the impressive Jack Skelington cosplay I took a picture of last year, I thought it only appropriate to find his match.

As a pirate, meself, how could I resist capturing the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow on camera?

All in all, I'm very happy with Naka Kon.  It had a large turnout and many interesting panels.  The con staff are friendly and there was, most times, something to do.  I always recommend Naka Kon for those interested in going to cons, but that doesn't mean I didn't have any complaints.

Firstly, the Pirates Vs. Ninjas panel was missing!  As a pirate, I find it extremely important to defend my standing in the pirates vs. ninjas debate, especially at a con, where my anime reputation may be at stake, considering ninjas seem to be in high favor round those parts.

Secondly, the cosplay chess got cancelled.  It is not difficult to run a panel where people play chess!  Also, the time that it was originally set for was very early in the morning, making it less likely that people would come.

My final major complaint has nothing to do with the con, but rather with the hotel it was held at.  The website told me there were two bed rooms still available when I ordered tickets, but when we arrived I realized that I had been fooled into buying a king bedroom rather than a double.

Still, compared to how awesome Naka Kon is, these complaints seem very minor.

If you have any questions about Naka, or anything in general, just let me know! I live for me fans. ;-)

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie