Saturday, April 16, 2011

OMG I Can Has Catboy has an UPDATE?!?!?!1?!!/?

Ya, really! We has an update!

First, I would like to introduce 'Yellow' a side comic I started on a whim that I may not actually keep.  The original idea was that I wouldn't have to put as much effort into these comics as I do into Silver Ankh, and thus would give you an update more often... but it turns out it is almost as much effort to do and the results are less satisfactory.  However, the idea I have for the story is one that I don't want to give up on...  So we'll see.

Secondly, my brother has entered a contest!  Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors, will choose someone to voice his audio book among the top twenty people voted on the website.  You must register to vote, but you can vote once a day.  Please, support my brother!

I'm sure I had another point of updateyness, but I lost it...

So, until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie