Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Have I Done?

So now that I've started my first blog, it seems that everyone I know is wanting to start a blog, as well. My friends, my mom, my dad... And I just know, just like every other fad I start, every single one of them will have more followers than mine. Cuz that's just how it is.

Everyone's had something like this happen to them: Wore a collar as jewelry to school one day. Put a pencil topper on a favorite pen. Cut the pinkies off of a pair of cheap gloves. Just some stupid thing that you wanted to do to, suddenly became popular and no one gave you credit.

Does that mean you stopped doing it? No! You did it cuz you liked it. Popularity didn't ruin it for you. Your favorite pen became more awesome with its pencil topper. That collar you wore had meaning behind it. Those gloves are convenient without pinkies for some reason.

And just like you kept doing those fads, long past the point of popularity, this blog will not die with its popularity! ... Or lack thereof, considering I can count the number of people who read this on one hand.

Until next time, and never fear, my finger fans, for there will be a next time,
Cap'n Kyrie

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