Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Levels of Con Savvy

or How a First Time Con-Goer Can Be More Respected Than You
Expert Level - Recognized and adored at every con he or she goes to. Either gets the reference or seems genuinely interested when he or she doesn't get it. Doesn't need to wear a costume, but has hand-made costumes in the past and understands the trials of doing so. Speaks like a normal person unless quoting something else.

Intermediate Level - Goes to one or more cons regularly and is recognized at those. Gets or pretends to get most references. Wears intricate costumes. Speaks normally most of the time.

Novice Level - Most con attendees. Loves the con community and goes to whatever they can. May not get most references, but is genuinely interested. Goal is to wear awesome costumes. Speaks normally most of the time.

Beginner Level - First time at a con and isn't quite sure where they fit in. Doesn't get most references. Little to no costume. Speaks like a normal person, because they haven't yet been tainted by Suckage Level.

Suckage Level - Has been to tons of cons 'because it's cool'. Is familiar with one or two anime that are more popular to normies than to most con-goers and refuses to be interested in anything else. Put no effort into their costumes whatsoever. Uses as many japanese words and phrases they can possibly incorporate into their conversation, most of the time incorrectly.

Am I forgetting anything? I can go back and edit.

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie

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