Monday, June 21, 2010

On Being a N00b

I am a n00b at this blog.

And at any blogging, really. I've never blogged before, though I've enjoyed the blogdome of other people's. Every time I thought, 'You know, I could do that,' but, of course, I never did. Until now. Right now, the blog design sucks, the blog content isn't all that great, and the blog in general just about blows... But that's expected of a first time blogger... It'll get better, I promise. I know basic HTML! Yay! ....It is yay, right?

I am a n00b at driving.

At age 18, two months away from being 19, I still cannot drive. I got my learner's permit at age 17.5 and after two lessons from my dad in our van am thoroughly terrified of being behind the wheel. I can admit that learning to drive is kind of vital to survive in the world. So I know I need to learn ASAP. After my second lesson during which I drove the van into a ditch however, I believe both my parents and myself are a bit reluctant to try again.

I am a n00b at anime... Sorta.
It's not like I've never watched anime, but after my first con (I've been to a total of three, so far.) I realized that I know next to nothing about anime, which is something I really didn't expect. There are thousands of references I didn't get. I really want to get them, too. They sound interesting. I can't speak Japanese. I know a small handful of words and how to count to six. I know how to spell even less, and none of it in characters. I like to wear costumes, but I can't stand making them. I have avoided Pok'e'mon since they started adding more than the first 151 like crazy, to the point that the original 150 are rarities. I mean, come on. The song went: 150, or more to see. Meaning that more than 150 are like brand new discoveries. Sorry, I'll stop ranting now... Anyway, I've gotten a little more tolerant, but only of the video games. I refuse to watch the series.

So maybe I'm not a n00b... more like a novice. I knew a lot of things before going to my first con that I was a bit more prepared than an actual n00b. I knew to avoid Narutards. I knew about the game. (Which you just lost, haha.) I knew that pirates are greater than ninjas. (leGasp!) I knew not to go wearing just cat ears. (Although I am a fan of cats in general, a plain catgirl I am not.) My opinion may not be shared by every con-goer, but at least it is my own. After I went to my first con, I also realized: These are my people. It was like I was an alien, and I had just found my planet.

I'm not a n00b about everything. I know who I am and what I want to be. That I think is the most important thing anyone can know.

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie

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