Thursday, October 14, 2010

General Update

First of all, as of Wednesday October 6th (yes, this is a bit of a late update) Foxy and I are no longer together...  He broke up with me, and for a few days life was sad.  But I've been rapidly getting better, and wouldn't even dwell on this, but I don't want any new readers to say, "Oh, and by the way, how's Foxy?"  because Foxy is no longer with me and I wouldn't know.

Secondly, as readers might remember, in this post I mentioned Hetalia just stopping in the middle of the story.  Well, now I feel like an idiot, because this wiki page proves that Hetalia has not ended.  The reason there were no more episodes was because they hadn't been released yet.  I am now a happy fan again, because I have episodes to catch up on, and I can has more PASTAAA.  The rest of that post still has a valid argument.... Just, y'know... disregard the Hetalia part.

And finally...  I can't think of a final updatey thing...

Do any of my readers (I think I have one that doesn't know me personally) have any questions for me or anything anime, college, or dreaming of hot catboy yaoi related that you'd like me to post about?  I want to be an involved blogger that makes her readers happy.

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie


  1. I want to know if you laughed as hard as I did about Hyperbole's cake post. ;)

  2. o.o No, I didn't laugh at all. It wasn't funny. And I would never ever do something like that... ever... nope... not funny. *cough*