Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Simple Costumes

Here are some ideas for men and women for cosplaying, that are fairly quick and easy to put together.  I know that for some, crossplaying is possible, but in case you're like me, and you really can't look like a guy (or are a guy and vice versa), I've got an equal amount of male and female simple costume ideas for you, today.. plus a couple of easy group ideas!


Character: Ichiro
Source: Nerima Daikon Brothers
Distinguishing Features: short brown hair, black pants and suit jacket, blue collar shirt, black tie, snazzy hat, optional panda.
This one is actually a bit complicated, unless you already own a couple of components... but I figured, many people wishing to cosplay this one, wouldn't even have to buy a wig, which saves quite a bit of money.  Also most men already own a suit of one kind or another, as they come in handy.  Then really all you need is a blue callar shirt and a snazzy hat.. and possibly a panda.

Character: Shigure
Source:  Fruits Basket
Distinguishing Features:  short black hair, greyish robe, blue/black belt, optional black pointed doggy ears
This one is as about as simple as you can get.. Grey robe. Black belt.  Seriously. You don't even need shoes (although most cons frown upon bare feet) So you might wanna wear slippers... make them puppy slippers. It'd be funny.

Character: Keitaro
Source: Love Hina
Distinguishing Features: Short brown/black hair, glasses, and optional turtle.
While he has a couple of recognizable costumes, he doesn't really regularly dress the same.  Therefore the most distinguishing thing about him is the turtle.

Character: Ryu
Source: Street Fighter
Distinguishing Features: White ghi with the arms ripped off, black belt, red headband, and red gloveythingies.
Not all cosplays have to be from anime!  Video games are also popular among otaku.

Character: Hideki
Source: Chobits
Distinguishing Features:  He has brown/black hair and sometimes wears a green sweatshirt and blue jeans.  On his own, not too recognizable, but fortunately...


Character: Chi
Source: Chobits
Distinguishing Features: Freakishly long blonde hair and white/pink robot ears that have many simple online tutorials for making.
Fortunately, Chi is also a very simple costume, so if you want to go as a couple, try this simple cosplay pair.

Character: Panty
Source: Panty and Stocking
Distinguishing Features: Long blonde hair, red mini dress and shoes, bangley jewelry and pearl necklace, optional gun.
Her partner, Stocking, is not as simple a costume to make, but with the rising popularity of this series, I doubt you'd have to have her, in order to be recognized.

Character: Misty
Source: Pokemon
Distinguishing Features:  Ginger hair with a dorky side ponytail;short, light blue shorts, red suspenders, yellow tank.  It's only slightly more difficult than a generic Team Rocket costume. ;-)

Character: Ponyo
Source: Ponyo
Distinguishing Features: Ginger hair, red dress, ridiculously puffy white bloomers.
This one is good for a kid, too!

Character: Namine
Source: Kingdom Hearts
Distinguishing Features:  White dress, midlength blond hair, blue sandals.


They dress like normal people, they're just bloody and carry weapons.

If their individual costumes are too hard, you can just each wear the flag of your chosen country.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
There's a lot of creative freedom, here!  You don't necessarily have to be ponies.

Ouran Host Club
Since, you all wear the same costume, and have different hair and personality flairs, it's fairly simple to get the costumes made, compared to other groups, at least.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
There are a LOT of choices, and some of them are pretty simple to make.  It would make a fun group!

I hope this helps!

Until next time,
Cap'n Kyrie

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  1. The easiest costume I ever put together was Dave from Narbonic.